Multitasking with Audible

Audible has been my low key favorite app for a while now. I have a menial job that quickly becomes a bore. Music can only get you so far and podcasts tend to become meaningless rambling that you enjoy for it’s conversational aspects. Audible lets me listen to well thought out stories that have more substance than music and podcasts.

Enjoy a good book, even when you can’t read!

I’ve never been much of a reader. English was my second language, so reading, writing and speaking were never my strong suites. Audible has allowed me to listen to some amazing stories that I missed out on in my youth! Recently I have been listening to Japanese literature, examining differences in writing styles between languages.

audible screenshot

My recent audible activity, notice the “finished” Marker on the books. 😉

(Skip bird box, it wasn’t that great, but everything else is good!)

As the title implies, I multitask with audible all the time! Driving by myself? Audible. Working? Audible. Exercising? Audible. Riding my bike and playing Pokemon go? Audible. Playing video games? Audible. It makes everything more interesting!


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