49803d8eb5ea235a5860ac942caece70_download-png-download-eps-instagram-logo-clipart-png_1024-1024.pngMy favorite app is Instagram! I absolutely love it, it keeps me updated with the latest fashion trends, events and also with what everyone is doing. And the cool thing is you can    it with just a double tap of your finger!

Instagram has changed quite some bit since it first came out, which I like because I am able to do it all in just one app.

I get most of my fashion inspirations and makeup ideas from Instagram, which has also lead me to people I once didn’t know of. Like  The Ace Family, (which I am  currently super obsessed with). Catherine has a great style and tags where she gets her clothes and the products she uses,as to Austin, he likes to pull pranks on his girlfriend and shows his viewers.They  also have the cutest daughter Elle, which they show their journey as first time parents and how they keep their love alive.IMG_1308.PNG

Instagram will take you to new people and have you see stuff that you haven’t seen before, which is why it is my favorite app.



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