I think my favorite app is a total given since I am ALWAYS snap chatting. It’s one of the best apps because I get to share the random exciting things that happen through out my day. It’s like vlogging but without the tedious editing. I just add it to my story and call it good. I also love watching other peoples stories, I have friends in Dubai and watching their story makes me feel like I’m actually there experiencing the culture in first person.  I also have The Kardashians which I know everyone hates but I love them lol. I love watching their snaps because they’re more natural on their snaps than they are on the “reality” show. I have DJ’s that post the backstage during concert and how it looks like from their view which is so cool because If I go to the show I can experience it in two different perspectives!

All I need are the snap spectacles and I will be SET!  If you dont know what the spectacles are they are literally spectacles (glasses) that let you record a snap hands free you just push the button on the sie and it will automatically add it to your story. Theyre only $129.99 and can be found on Just in case  any of you want to get them for me, feel free too!!



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