Jayde Favorite app round 2.

My favorite app still hasn’t changed sense last week, it still Instagram. But i like Instagram for more then just the memes. My other reason i like Instagram is because of all the cool art.  Some of my favorite accounts i have stumbled across are https://www.instagram.com/bobrooksphoto/?hl=en , https://www.instagram.com/sgbiker464/?hl=en , https://www.instagram.com/bobplumbphoto/?hl=en and my most favorite https://www.instagram.com/jerometanon/?hl=en. Most of them are photography accounts but there are 1,000s of other none photography art accounts on Instagram to. It is a great place to show case your work and get your name out there.

I personally have a little photo account that i post all my favorite landscape and action photos i have taken. My Account has even gotten me photography jobs, so in a way you can use Instagram as your portfolio. I think Instagram is a great app that can be used for many different things and many different ways.

Personal account https://www.instagram.com/jayde_adam_photo/?hl=en

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