SimSimi, a chatbot app, has been linked to cyber bullying and campaigns are on the rise to bring it down. This app allows for the user to place an if/then response. Meaning, this app can be “taught” responses and when other users type in words or certain names, a response is sent to them.

Many youth who download this app find that when they type in their names or other responses, they get abusive replies. Cyber bullying is defined as, “Bullying that occurs when one person attacks and harms another via technology (e.g., e-mails, text messages, or cell phones) (Berger, 2016).” This definition is in line with what is occurring with the use of SimSimi.


 SimSimi could be even more dangerous because of its use of artificial intelligence, says campaigner Jamie. Its built features of teach, artificial intelligence, and world uses are what bring in users. Teens are at a point in their life where they care about what others believe about them and if they are exposed and constantly receive negative and hurtful comments on SimSimi, this can be very negative for their development. Are you against or with this SimSimi? Find out more here.

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