Wonderful Wunderlist

I have always been a to-do list writer and it is extremely satisfying about writing everything down.  I wrote lists on sticky notes, notebooks, envelopes, paper scraps, if it was laying around, I probably wrote on it. However, I always found myself running into the problem of never having my list when I needed it, or having tons of lists that were kept all over the place.  It was difficult to keep them organized and to be able to go back and find what I was looking for.

I decided to start keeping all of my lists electronically.  I tried all kinds of list apps and so many of them were to complicated, didn’t display my items the way I wanted to see them, and many were just ugly and hard to use.  Then I found Wunderlist and I love it.  It syncs between my phone, computer or tablet.  It’s easy to see what I have to do and is simple and straightforward enough to use.  I couldn’t recommend this list program more!


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