It’s up to YOU to protect yourself

ask-Unclesamwantyou-EThe gov-ment aint care bout’ you!

With all the recent shenanigans going on in today’s hectic government, You should really know how to protect your personal information. Here are a few things YOU can do to not get philandered by our daft, dilapidated government.

  • Choose an isp that respects your privacy:
    • Dump Comcast and their terrible customer service, here are some isp that respect your privacy: link
  • Go on a diet, Get rid of those tracking supercookies!
    • Your isp automatically opts you into supercookies to sell your info for $$$. Check their settings to see if you can opt out of them!
  • Pappa Bless HTTPS
    • here’s a simple one, having HTTPS in front of your current web address means it is encrypted. So be wary of sites that don’t use HTTPS by default.
    • If you want another layer of protection you can try the Tor Browser which offers more protection and encryption for your searches than other browsers.

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