Online Security Identity

By watching in class online security identity awareness, people seems to be the victims by giving away their privacy identity to the online company such as social media corporation Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube etc. These company is a worldwide company and they are asking for people’s identity when you are sign up. Corporations are requiring you to give up your identity in order to use their site or content they are offering. People are giving up their identity without realizing that they identity are not safe and people all over the online can see your identity.

Tips not to give up or reduce your risks to protect your identity to online corporations:

  • Be aware what you are searching and what you want to do with online sites.
  • By knowing what you are going to do with online sites, make sure you do a research before giving up your real identity.
  • Giving up your real identity could give away to your trusted website such as your own banks, but be aware if the site you use is real your bank website.
  • For most social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube etc. You should not give away your real name and address or your own history. It is unavoidable if you are really a photogenic and want to show off your friends how you are and what you are up to, then you might have to give up your identity to public by posting your own pictures and your locations. People know who you are and how you look like.
  • Learn the online website’s security so you can set up your own privacy.
  • Do not give up your real name for social media website, give your nick name and name something else you prefer.
  • Do not name something people can guess who you are, and if someone call you by your name, delete it.
  • Make sure you always check your device option, turn off the sharing location.




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