Terms and Conditions May Apply

Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary that opens up the topic on society’s privacy values. I’m sure all would agree we all value our privacy and would ever hate for it to be invaded, some may say most people are “open books” until its no longer in their favor.

This documentary hits points on agreement polices we have to sign or click to be able to join something like Pintrest, Facebook or even a video game clause, but do we actually know what we are agreeing to? What the fine print says? The answer is no, the majority of society mindless clicks agree to be able to get the annoyances out of the way and proceed to what they were doing. Little do we know what we are agreeing to, are we selling our soul? Our first born child? We entrust in these companies to keep our information private and hidden and only for their consumption if need be.

People say they are private people and keep there lives to themselves but are we really? We all know someone who over does it on Facebook or exposes themselves on Instagram, but there is a bigger picture here that the documentary hits on and that is companies we have given credit card info to, personal info they can and have sold our information to other companies and we would never know because we do not read the fine print.

The documentary also hits the factor of our government tapping in and listening to our phone calls,reading our emails, looking at our social media accounts and so much more and all in the good faith of looking for “terrorism” or people/situations that would endanger us . This is also done without our permission.

Its not like we shut down social media and boom we have our privacy back, no this is a much further and deeper issue that is beyond our control, sure we can control what we say and what we post but the government watching will never go away, the credit card info you put in to purchase something is now is some data base, social media sets up your account to the public by default with exposing birthdays, cell phone numbers ect.. Privacy being “private” is no more. We are in a day and age where we as people are advancing quicker therefore our technology and how we handle and go about things is advancing 10x as fast. We must embrace what the future and technology holds, for it will only become more advance.

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