The Value Of Privacy

You wake up, decide to hop online and look up what the weather will be like before you get dressed to know what to anticipate. You might double check that a teacher hasn’t canceled any class for that day before you get there. Or maybe take a gander at how much longer it will take your Amazon package to arrive to you. We use the internet as a vast means of information gathering, sharing, ordering items, and the uses for it continue to grow every day.

What if someone was able to see everything you did online? Anything you may have ever looked up on Google? What if people started putting together ideas about you based on a few words you may have used in a joking context, but they didn’t get the joke and now your Face Book post has turned into a potential national threat?

If any of those thoughts seem alarming to you, next time your on one of your favorite “free” sites, it would be worth some time to take a look at at it’s privacy policy. You know, the thing that you usually check the “I agree” box at the bottom for after scrolling through a lengthy amount of fine, tiny writing?

Companies are constantly adjusting their user privacy terms to better suite the needs they currently have. Take Face Book for example, ever notice how all of your settings are automatically set so that anyone anywhere can see your page? It didn’t used to be like that, but now you have to manually go through to change the default settings. That can be a tricky term too, just because it is a “default” setting, does not mean that you should be comfortable with whatever that entity says you should be. Its little things like taking the time to know your rights that will really be your saving grace if times turn hard.



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