Worried about keeping your data safe?


There are a few extra precautions that you can take to maximize the security of your data and your identity online. I’ve found these ones here, and there are many other resources with helpful tips available. Firstly, you may want to avoid free email services (like Gmail). This may be a bummer, but services like these do not take the extra step in protecting the data that routing systems need in order to send your emails. Next, there are many services available for encryption of your emails and other data you send online. If you’re serious about taking the extra step to protect your data, using encryption will “scramble” the information, and require a decryption device to decode. There are also ways to block your browser from keeping track of all the websites you visit. Something I found to be particularly interesting was the suggestion to stop using all cloud services, this subjects your information to easy snooping by the government. Another suggestion was to simply delete your Facebook account. After watching Terms and Conditions May Apply, I can definitely understand why someone would want to delete their social media profiles without a second thought. You can also avoid using location required services like Foursquare, and definitely turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it, as it also makes snooping very easy. And lastly, consider turning your password into a passphrase. Most people’s passwords are very weak and are the same for multiple personal accounts- change them!


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