In this day and age internet is plays a big factor in our files. I mean, we literally use the internet for everything. Don’t know what the nearest coffee shop? google it. Don’t know what to wear? Pintrest it. You want to show off your new outfit? Instagram it. want to tell your friends about your new job? Facebook it. However, we want to be safe from internet trolls, catfish, and hackers. So we choose who gets to see it be befriending or unfriending right? at least thats what we think. Little do you know this is only minimal and there are a million other people and companies that you have legally allowed for them to use your  pictures, posts, and biographic information when you scrolled down the fine print and clicked I AGREE. We all do this, nobody ever takes the time to read and understand what we really are agreeing to we just want to hurry up and check the new app out. For this reason Cullen Hoback dedicated himself to do a documentary called Terms and conditions may apply. This documentary  is based on the erosion of online privacy, and refers to  “terms and conditions may apply” as “the sentence structure of our policy”.  In his documentary he mentioned that if one were to take the time to read the terms and conditions it would take about a month of the year. Thats 180 hours of reading terms and conditions. Million dollar companies are buying our information. He mentioned that our information is being bidded to the highest buyer. Like guys our information is being sold!! Take precautions on what you post on the internet because once it is posted it is out there forever!  Be aware with what you post, don’t give out real names, don’t share your locations and always do some research before giving out your identity. For more please, take the time to watch the documentary as this goes beyond just a click!

Click here to watch the documentary. It is completely free!



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