Nothing is Private

Everything that we do online is now for sale. Our viewing habits, what we search for is available for purchase. With the Senate withdrawing regulations that encouraged stronger privacy for consumers; privacy is again a topic of discussion. The documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply illustrates how large corporations such as Facebook and Google don’t have our best interest when protecting the privacy of consumers. What I find interesting is we live in a world where sharing is almost the cultural expectancy. If we purchase a new car we have to post about it. When we complete the last exam’s of a semester we have to post how we just wrapped up the term. Everybody want’s to Large Man Looking At Co-Worker With A Magnifying Glassdocument everything that is occurring their lives. The only time we think about our privacy is when we are forced to consider the matter; we live in a world where we willingly give information and now many of us just assume we are being watched no matter where we are. Being aware of “digital profile” I’ve always gone through extra procedures to make sure what I’m doing online doesn’t give too much information about me. What I’ve realized is that all my measures don’t really make a difference I can still be tracked and monitored no matter what I do.


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