Protect Yourself

WARNING-400x250.jpgTerms and Conditions May Apply, showed me how to protect yourself online. Many people don’t realize how dangerous it can be so I am going to tell you a couple ways to keep it safe.

  1. Check the defaults on all of your social media, from watching this movie, Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the defaults settings on Facebook without letting everyone know, when things like this happen you have to make sure not just anyone can look at your stuff.
  2. Posting for the image you want. When you apply for a job, they can actually look you up and check up on your social media images to see what type of person you are and if you are worthy the job.
  3. Liking/ sharing certain things your social media. When you do so, the internet see’s what you are liking or sharing and starts to show advertisements that “you might be interested in”. Which in my opinion its weird to have encouragement online shopping (kind of creepy).



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