How We Love

I do not listen to podcasts on the regular, so I don’t have something I particularly follow or listen to everyday. I went to and looked around at different podcasts and what they talk about, I came across TED Talk radio hour and clicked and numerous podcast popped up, I chose the following one on How We Love and here is what I took away  from it.


-technology bringing people together, such as dating apps

-love takes work

-love comes down to people who want to make it work

-science of love: our brains are wired to fall in love

-love can awaken at anytime

-we create an unconscious list of what we look for in a partner

-a release of dopamine for love is the same feeling of when you use cocaine

-why do you fall in love with one person over another: biology pulls you towards one person over another because of socioeconomic s

-people who go for people like themselves is when levels of saratonin and dopamine are high

-people who go for people the opposite are people who release higher levels of estrogen or testosterone




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