Web 2.0 Applications

This article is about the development of Web 2.0 and the difference between Web 1.0. The main difference between the Web 1.0 and 2.0 is that Web 1.0 is referred as the read only web where 2.0 has been brought us to the read and write of the web.

Web 2.0 has become the upgrade in our life to where you either love it or hate it and that is the world of social media, networking and the art of interacting online.  Having this content we have been able to form communities online, being able to share pictures and videos and just able to interact in a way we never have before. A lot of 2.0 platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Word Press ect..

With having Web 2.0 there have become big advances in the way we would get our entertainment such as YouTube, Netflix and other entertainment sources you can watch in the palm of your hand. Another great advantage for us is in the way we travel, we are able to interact with people from the places we would like to go, we are able to review and rate places we have been and really research and strategist the way we travel.

Other advantages of having the Web 2.0 access has changed the way we do our marketing and really reach certain demographics for best result, governance where crimes are being reported faster and be more efficient with passports or visa, the way are able to look up all things that are related to medicine, library and classroom management which we use now like canvas or mypage. Our lives are changing as we know through these types of altercations with living in a cyber world.





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