So.. How Private is Private (Really?)

Image result for internet privacyAfter watching the documentary ‘Terms and Conditions may Apply,” I had to somewhat reevaluate my already weary thoughts on the internet. Why? Because of one scary realization… Nothing is every REALLY deleted for good, despite what you may think.

We as consumers are at a loss in the digital world, because our information is being sold. The reason behind such an act is to better inform companies, websites, and others of what sparks our interest. This gives online retailers (Amazon for example) an idea of what we are searching for while on the big world wide web. Sooner than later, we notice that ads are popping up those jewelry cabinets or ads related to our affiliated political parties.

The best tip I can give to avoiding the internet exploiting our privacy is to simply not throw all of our information out there for just anyone to read. Please please please look over privacy policies and turn all your settings to private, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Also, be mindful of what you’re searching and also what you’re posting. The less you put out there, the better.

If you want to watch “Terms and Conditions may Apply” click here 



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