Generation “Like”

The documentary “Generation Like” is very interesting and super informative to watch, especially for Gen-Xers who have millennial kids and don’t understand this new way of life: liking, favoriting, and sharing different pictures and posts online.

The whole documentary is about how much the world has changed because of social media, and not just the way young people communicate. Social media has completely changed the marketing and advertising game. Marketing people are able to use the likes and hashtags people use to advertise their products, so if you “like” a product on Facebook, that product can advertise themselves on your feed.

Marketing people also use famous YouTubers and tweeters to advertise for them. Check out this link to read more about how advertising has changed through social media here.

Because anyone and everyone have access to the web, anyone can become “famous” by either posting funny or outrageous things, or by teaming up with other young famous vloggers, or instagrammers or something like that.

Social media has been an incredible tool in connecting people, and also completely changing the world… by a lot. Communication has changed forever, and so has the way people view life. Opportunities and endless and different dreams and aspirations are more attainable because of social media, in my opinion.

Check out the “Generation Like” documentary here and let me know what you think!

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