That’s Right, They Are Watching You.

After watching”Generation Like” a PBS documentary, I was immediately reminded of my own digital footprint. It’s not something that I really thought would follow me into older age but it’s something now the world can use to either benefit me or hurt me. Data miners and people who track social media interactions between normal folks and movie stars take the data they acquire from your profile on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter and spoon feed content they think you would enjoy, all because you clicked a simple “Like” button.

I don’t like how the Likes/Views culture has taken over the world. Just because something has multiple likes and views doesn’t make it worth any more or less. It’s also taken away some of our basic human emotions. People post videos on facebook or somewhere else of them beating each other senseless and doing other things that seems to desensitize us to the abusive content. It might just be me and maybe I’m not sure how the internet works anymore but things seem to be headed in a dark direction. Just take a look at a famous story of four adults beating and torturing a mentally disabled man and broadcasted the act on Facebook Live. 

I especially didn’t like the kid in the documentary who was like 12 but posted videos of him with half naked women and things like that because it makes me think of my nephew who is also 12 and the types of people he looks up to or can be influenced by. It’s more of an age issue than a content issue to me, if he was like 18 or older, I could care less. Modern day stars from Youtube seem strange to me because I’m less impressed by views, but maybe I’m a dinosaur. And like the fate of the dinosaurs, a meteor seems to be on it’s way.

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