“Youtube has some explaining to do”

YouTube logoAs a twenty year old watching “Generation Like” it scared  the living daylights out of me. Seeing young adults sit around a table discussing which profile picture or cover photo to use to attract likes from others did not sit right with me. Watching Youtube now has given me a lot of thoughts. There are pros and cons to having a Youtube channel. More importantly it could possibly be easy to make one and get an audience.


Youtube debuted when I was in second grade. I remember my parents not allowing me to be on the site. Watching Youtube now I realize most of the people on Youtube grab an audience from doing prank videos or hair and make up videos. I find it weird how much Youtube has changed. There are children on Youtube receiving subscribers and money just from reviewing toys. The fact that young adults are spending a lot of their free time trying to inquire likes instead of hanging out with friends. We have Youtubers vlogging about their trip to a suicide forest. We often get our gossip from Youtubers  hearing others thoughts on sports.

The way “Generation Like” documented the younger generation made me uncomfortable. The way certain Youtubers use their content for good. Mean while  others use it to make a fool of themselves with prank videos. I can not help but feel as if these marketing companies are taking advantage of the youth. The young girl who has an obsession with the “Hunger Games” series has been paying too much attention to the saga with her Tumblr and spending a lot of time advertising for free.  We often forget youtube was never about the money it was about just getting reviews and having a fun time. Now it is potentially dangerous and often looked as foolish for the number ways kids try to get famous.



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