Why You Should Download Spotify

I have been an avid Spotify user for about 5 years and I refuse to go back to iTunes or Pandora ever again. I originally only used the free version but I have recently invested in a premium account. I have only been a premium member for a few months but it is worth it. I can listen to any song I want. I can also download all of my playlists so I can listen without using my LTE data. It is easy to listen to wherever I go. I usually listen to it in-between my classes so I can avoid human interaction. I can listen to any artist I can think of. Although I am still waiting for them to get the latest Beyoncé album, Lemonade, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Are you a broke college student with somewhat of an empty wallet? Well, have no fear because Spotify has a membership just for students. For only $4.99 a month, you can get a premium Spotify account and a Hulu account with limited commercials. So if you have some extra cash this paycheck, invest in a student membership with Spotify. I can promise you it is worth the money.

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