Protecting your identity PSA

IMG_0825When protecting your data and your identity here are things you should do. Here are a couple solutions that may help you from not having your identity stolen through technology. The first thing you should do is read terms and agreements before pressing that “I accept button.” Protecting your identity from being hacked is being able not to sign on to every wifi connection. Signing onto certain wifi connections may let others hack into your phone or laptop.

The idea of protecting your data and your identity may sound scary. I can guarantee you it is not. The best solution you should do from now on is not to share your location. Apps always ask to use your location. The best thing you can do is also not share your location when on the internet.  The second best thing you should do is to not buy things from “suspect” looking websites. Certain websites may take over your email or your credit card information. When you buy things online make sure the website is credible and is not a source that takes advantage of its customers.

The finale and last solution to stop yourself from your data and identity being hacked would be. The dating apps everyone uses might not always be credible. Certain dating apps may want your credit card information or email information. Dating apps are something you should pay close attention to look at the ratings of the app. If there are more bad ratings than good and the reviews talk about you having to pay then stay away from those apps



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