Security Starts at Homebase

I’m going to make this real easy. Protecting your information online starts with keeping your computer well-maintained. A lot of ways that your information gets compromised online comes from not keeping your computer protected. Fortunately there are several very basic but also very effective methods to protect yourself. The means differ between PC and Mac and operating systems, but the essence is the same.

1. Scan your computer regularly for viruses, trojans, spyware, etc (all of which comes from careless surfing of the web and opening sketchy emails). I personally have Windows 10 on my home computer and Windows Protector serves me rather well. If you also have Windows 10 then there’s really no need for anything else. Older operating systems should use a virus protection software and a spyware software. Spybot is a good one for eliminating spyware. I’m not the greatest person to ask for Mac but all the information you need is just a Google search away!

2. De-clutter your computer regularly, as in defragment your drives (or whatever it is for your particular rig). This will help your computer run more smoothly and should be run in tandem with virus scan to keep your computer operating at its optimal level.

Safe surfing!


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