Staying Balanced During Finals

Finals week can be very stressful and it is very hard keeping to our everyday schedules. Students tend to lose sleep, lack nutrition, and struggle to gain energy.  Here are a few tips on how to kill finals this semester!

The biggest struggle is sleep. We stay up late to study and finish assignments but then we turn into zombies who are so drowsy and drained and often times don’t get the score we wanted because our minds and bodies were so tired and couldn’t focus.  Scheduling our study time and hours is a good way to make sure we take breaks. Even if it’s for a well-deserved power nap. We will do much better on our finals if we balance our study and rest time.

Towards the end of the semester, our brains are working so hard and it is using a lot more energy to power our multitasking bodies than on a normal basis. So we need to make sure we replenish ourselves. Drinking plenty of water will keep us hydrated. It is very easy to forget when we are so busy. I prefer to drink something with added electrolytes. Whether it’s a liquid or gummy it will help you gain all your energy back fast.

What about food? Fast food that is filled with grease and sodium will slow us down and make us feel horrible! Choosing foods that are alive and filled with nutrients will allow our bodies to run longer and feel less tired. It will also keep our immune


system strong and keep us from getting sick. Being sick during finals is the worst! Smoothies and green juice are an easy way to get all of our fruit and veggies in one meal.

Keep these tips in mind when finals are running towards you at full speed! Take a deep breath and slow down. It will all come together if you take care of yourself.


-Hannah Montgomery

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