How To Crush Finals

It’s less than a month before graduation and it feels like I’m juggling a million things at once; school, my job, and a social life. With such little time, I have to crack down on maintaining a certain GPA to stay eligible to go to the U. I have never been very good at sitting down and reading to study or keeping track of assignments, but with the help of some handy-dandy apps, I am crushing my assignments.

Canvas App 

I know this is pretty obvious but having the Canvas app has saved my life. It alerts me every time I have an assignment that is close to being due and when a teacher messages me. You can also submit assignments on-the-go. I will definitely keep this app for next semester.


I use this website to catch all the grammatical mistakes that spell check in Word doesn’t catch. Trust me, it stops you from sounding like a complete idiot. In fact, I’m using this website to proof this article. Sadly it is not available on IOS or Android but it can be downloaded on your computer on your computer for free and it is available as an extension on Chrome.

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