Tips to survive the end of the semester

The end is near. That is for this semester ending. There are plenty of tips and tricks to help you get through the last couple weeks of a semester. The question is will you actually take on this tips. Today I will give you a couple of tips to get through these like three weeks of this semester.

The first tip is to schedule out your time. The end of a semester comes very quck with final papers and final exams. Make sure you make scheduel of providing homework and study time. The second tip would be having to organze your thoughts on what you have to do for certain assignments and ask your professor for questions if needed. The third tip should be do not wait till the last minute to do extra credit. If your professor provides extra credit make sure you do it at a time where your grade is nothing below an F. The fourth tip would be try to be on time for your final exam. Show up an hour early to study  to remind yourself what will be on that final exam. The 5th and final tip would be time yourself on studying and try not to overthink or overstress yourself with these last upcoming assignments. Do not be like Jessie from Saved by The Bell and take adderall to help stay awake to complete assignemnts take your time and be on top of your assignemnts.

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