Snapchatlution 2.0

Do we all remember a very dark day in November of 2017 when Snapchat decided to wreck our world as we know it by changing their simple layout? Yes! That day! Avid Snapchatters went AWOL! They didn’t know how to act, what to do or how they would survive this crazy day. Some even went into a protest and gave up using this social media outlet altogether.

Now, let’s fast forward to today. Does anyone even remember what the old simple snap chat layout even looked like? The answer is more than likely a “No”. Why? Human nature is to lean towards the familiar but it is also in our nature to quickly evolve and adapt to certain changes we often have no control over. Snapchatlution won and everyone is all of a sudden back to being happy snapping and chatting their lives away just like they initially did. But, how would the progressive humans react to Snapchat if Snapchat took the Chat out of the Snap. Would it still be such a powerful social media site like it is now if it killed its private messaging option? Would the story repeat of the one in November 2017 where everyone would raise hell then out of nowhere adjust to the changes like nothing ever happened? Some say yes, but I beg to differ. It would be the end of Snapchat and the privacy of chatting as the world knows it. Word of advice for possible decision makers out there; Snapchat, DON’T DO IT! You might regret that “change” after all. Nix Snapchat messaging or not? Feel free to comment.

By T. Edwards

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