The Glass House Known as Social Media; Why Privacy Settings Matter

I’ll admit it, I wouldn’t be able to be on social media if I didn’t have control of who views the content of my pages.  I really don’t care if Uncle Sam has the ability to look at what I’ve been googleing, but I do if my crazy ex- girlfriend does! The government is going to look at what they want too regardless of privacy settings, but honestly there really isn’t anything there for them to waste their time going over and probably don’t care what ‘Ol Derek has been posting on “The Gram.” Now, I don’t have the same privacy settings as Kim Jong Un does on North Korea, but I do like to think that I have a firm grasp on who views what I post on my social media. To me, keeping your social media sites open to the public is equivalent as to living in your home with all the windows open 24/7.  I feel, sometimes the blinds need to be closed as to not offend anyone for what they saw whilst walking by and looking in my windows. And to keep strangers away, no one likes strangers or unwanted guests just showing up that were not invited.



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