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Generation “Like”, The generation that reminds you to like, comment, and share at the end of every video or post. After watching Generation “Like” from Frontline, I realize that people are willing to go the extra mile to gain approval through likes on social media. I think the majority of people have thought or have dreamed of becoming famous or recognized by society or a group of people, and a lot of people start on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram are the platforms people go
to post and get likes, its like how the
video said; ” its the Social Currency of this generation.” and I totally agree with this Quote. but likes are not just social currency, but actual currency for companies that want to sell things to the consumer.

I was amazed at how companies and corporation can make people respond to social media post. And it’s even more incredible on how the company can make a lot of money out of that. A lot of the things said in the video were things I’ve seen develop in YouTubers I personally watch throughout the years. Some YouTubers start either singing, cooking and dancing, etc. and then they move into blogging and uploading on their youtube channel every day, and then they start doing pranks, and Q n A’s, until some, not all loose the main purpose shier channel was about. its feels scary that we are always on the agenda of big companies to promote their own brand or products with us even knowing.

Watch the full episode of Generation “Like” 


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