Apple Music > Spotify


The Feature we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Can’t remember the name of that catchy song you have stuck in your head? With the new iOS 12 update comes many new fun features to Apple Music. Now you’ll be able to search by lyrics! For example, if you searching for “My mama called, seen you on TV,” you’ll get the popular Post Malone song “Congratulations.” This is great because now you can skip the Google search and launch straight into app.

Apple music will be adding more global playlists like Top 100 charts. Another cool feature being added is Friends Mix. Apple Music’s algorithm will take songs that your friends are listening to and make a customized playlist for you. This feature will make it easier to listen to new music and stay up to date on the latest music trends. These updates will make Apple Music more personable and possibly finally catching up to Spotify. Click here if you want to learn more about the New Apple Music features coming.

Are you excited for the new update to Apple Music?  If you use Spotify do you think these features will make you switch? Comment below what music streaming service you use the most.

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