Bleacher Report 2.0

There are many great sports apps out there that helps fans to feel closer and more connected to their favorite sports teams, but one of the best apps that makes the fan feel closer than ever is Bleacher Report. Having launched in 2008 Bleacher Report has become one of the biggest sports app/website to date. Bleacher Report thrives on its community of die hard sports fans. Users can share their favorite videos and articles with their friends or other users on Bleacher Report. Fans can interact with each other and start conversations or debates about anything related to sports. If you hate the Boston Celtics and their fanbase and you want to make sure Boston fans know you hate them, Bleacher Report is the perfect app for you to get your voice and opinion heard. The ability to comment on almost every article on Bleacher Report is a great way to interact with other huge sports fans and start debates. The app also carries a lot of great media coverage. You missed the game, but want to catch up on the highlights? Head over to Bleacher Report and watch all the highlights from your favorite teams. There are many other kinds of videos such as postgame interviews and videos of your favorite athletes enjoying their time off. There’s also a lot of great reading content that you can find on the app from coaches talking about preparing for a game to more personal articles that relate directly to your favorite athletes. You want to know what LeBron James does on his free time or watch a video of him dancing to Drake and Travis Scott, Bleacher Report will have that video ready for you to watch.2000px-Sport_balls.svg.png

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