Pinterest… Your newest addiction.

Image result for pinterest Remember the days of collecting comic books and barbie dolls? Those days are back except now, you’re collecting things digitally thanks to Pinterest. Pinterest is the newest website and application for your phone that allows you to collect ideas, pictures and words to different boards and it’s only downfall? You are more than likely to spend hours on end ‘pinning’ your life away.

What sets Pinterest apart is it’s seamless engagement of viewing pictures and being able to pin them all in one place for further use. Whatever pops into your head this moment that you are curious about or want to know more about, you can look it up on Pinterest and not only find one pin on that subject, but you will find multiple pins. The app also allows users to comment on pins and post pictures so you can see the results of what other uses have done with the pin. The app lets you create a treasure chest of all your favorite things and in recent studies, people spend more time on Pinterest than Google.

The design of Pinterest creates an elaborate space helping you not feel overwhelmed by how much information comes up under your subject. It’s clean, organized and makes you feel like you have already hit success with your future pin endeavors. It’s simplicity and ease of collecting has made it one of the most downloaded apps and will continue to grow in users.

To read more about the app, click below!


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