Tell Me About It – How YouTube Changed The World

The news site called The Telegraph recollects the history of the popular video sharing site YouTube and as it’s title implies, Explains How YouTube changed the world.


The article begins by briefly chronicling some of YouTube’s earliest major points, such as the site being the 3rd most viewed site just behind Google and Facebook. It then goes back to the conception of the site, explaining how the three to-be fathers of the site got the idea to make it because they were unable to locate a video of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl along with other then recent events. In 2006 after YouTube had gained some stability and popularity, it’s explained how Google themselves saw the value in the site and purchased it, integrating it into the Google brand.

The next part explains how the site was used as a powerful platform, with politicians such as the then President Obama for re-election using it as an alternate method of winning over new voters. At the same time however, much more controversial voices such as rude pranksters and extremists messages such as propaganda from the KKK. It allowed users to bypass the usual herbals and limits of television and spread their influence in a whole new way.

The rest of the article goes on to introduce various online personalities that first surfaced on and gained popularity on the site. This includes some that originated on the site before becoming mainstream stars such as Justin Bieber, and those that remained on the site and became an all new type of star.

YouTube Amazement

Gaming content made by groups such as Yogscast or the most subscribed YouTuber himself PewDiePie opened the flood gates for content creation on the site and kicked off following trends as a result of the growing popularity. Videos about learning and teaching information soon became another major genra alongside gaming. With all of this attention the site was garnering, advertising soon learned to adapt to this new platform and began producing their own videos, with it specifically being said that “The 30 second TV spot has morphed into a three minute online film” and additionally, the ability collaborate with already established YouTubers meant a successful symbiosis between the advertisers and the site.

The Article wraps up pointing out that YouTube has had a positive impact, saint “YouTube has forced people to be more entertaining and to listen to customers more.” and “Rather than kill off the ad industry, it has given it an injection of new life”. Overall a great summery of the site and it’s rise from it’s beginnings up to just shy of today.

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