The Loud Mouths Podcast – Yeah, I Can Hear You Loud and Clear!

When it comes to podcasts it’s hard to sort through all of the uninteresting content flooding the internet to find some of the good ones considering how much there is online these days. Recently I’ve managed to find a really interesting one, coverings some topics I’m actually interested in and you might be too. This podcast is called Loud Mouths. Loud Mouths covers everything from games, television shows, popular online figures, and occasionally a new random fun topic. The show is hosted by the individually popular content creators WildSpartanz, FPS Diesel, and Kwite who are all know for their videos primarily focused on commenting on similar topics. Occasionally, other guest stars will also join in for an episode to add in some extra personality to that of the three already entertaining main hosts.


I’ve personally been a fan of of Kwite and WildSpartanz for a few months and have heard of FPS Diesel. The three really do compliment each other and are really funny and entertaining in each episode. Most recently I was listening to Episode #27 while working. Although it was made a little while ago, with Halloween only a month away it is very fitting for this spooky time of the year as it centers around Ghost Stories that the hosts have experienced themselves or heard from somewhere else. They have a few really interesting stories and comments on them, as well as a few comedic tangents including one early on trying to explain What a Stand is from the popular show and Japanese Manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and how they are not ghosts, some Stands just look like they are. Even as off-topic as it gets at parts, it is still an entertaining piece that left me laughing and got me through a nice chunk of work!


Undeniably a great podcast, funny, entertaining, LOUD (but not too loud), and some great stuff to listen to if you’re heading to school, working on a project, or just laying around doing nothing but you can’t quite fall asleep because you had that bright idea to slam what was left of a jug of Cold-Brew because there wasn’t much left and you wanted to free up space in the fridge. Would recommend 100%, though fair warning if you are a little more conservative when it comes to a bit of foul language then heads up they aren’t ones to censor. If you’re not someone bothered by that, then Loud Mouths is definitely for you!

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