Door Dash For the Win!



Feeling lazy and unmotivated to cook dinner for the fam? Door Dash to the rescue! This app is amazingly easy to use and will save you a trip to your favorite restaurant. Cant decide on where to go? Door Dash will go to multiple locations to suit everyone in the families needs. Door Dash is similar to an Uber or Lyft in that the driver will pick up your food and bring it to your location, you can receive push notifications to keep you in the loop of where your order is and how long the ETA will be for your grindage.

The best feature about door dash is that it works with local restaurants and offer free delivery as an incentive for networking. If you cant find a place with free delivery, fees range from $.99 to $7.99, and will go the majority of restaurants in your local area from one to five stars.

One downside that I am not a big fan of is the limited access to combo meals at fast food joints. For example, I cant order a #9 ( two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink for  $6.08) at McDonalds. Instead, I have to order two cheeseburgers, fries and my drink, separately. Having to buy every item separate adds up and in the end, is more expensive than ordering just a combo. The other downer is that if the delivery fee is cheap, usually the mandatory tip is $2 more expensive. What your paying for is convenience, so if you’re not feeling like going anywhere or too indecisive give Door Dash a shot.

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