Gordon Ramsay’s Diner Dash: A Fun Way to Spend a Few Mindless Minutes

We all need a break in our daily routines and a few minutes to shut off our busy minds. Many, myself included, will indulge in one of the millions of game apps when we can sneak a few minutes to ourselves.

Gordon Ramsey’s Diner Dash is my go to gaming app. Like other Dash games, you are responsible for building recipes and serving customers. The fun of this version, is the fast pace mixed with Gordon Ramsay’s signature impatience and cursing.

This game has tons of levels and bonuses. The more restaurants you master, the bigger your global culinary empire becomes. As a player, you can compete in diners from around the world or play against opponents in chef arena duels.

So, the next time your looking for a new mobile game to occupy your time, give this one try. And besides, who doesn’t want to get yelled at by Gordon Ramsay?



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