T-Mobile Tuesdays

Many companies offer some sort of loyalty point system. In exchange for these points you have to consistently purchase goods or services from said company. In order to redeem most prizes we usual have to accumulate an ungodly amount of points over an extraneous amount of time. Weather it be a punch card at a local smoothie shop or $10 dollars back for every $100 spent. It can take a while until you can tactfully redeem something good. This is not the case with the T-Mobile Tuesdays App.

T-Mobile is the “Un-carrier” of all things. They like to shake things up and go against the grain. With the T-Mobile Tuesdays App you DON’T need to purchase anything, you DON’T need to keep track of a pesky punch card. You simply log onto the app every Tuesday and redeem your gift, it’s that simple.

In the past T-Mobile has given away:

  • One FREE year of Pandora Premium
  • T-Mobile Stock
  • App exclusive discount codes for accessories
  • MLB TV subscription for FREE!
  • Discounted movie tickets
  • Discounted gas
  • Free food
  • T-Mobile swag (coffee mugs, water bottles, aprons, hats, scarves)

Besides the few prizes mentioned, they also do regular “EPIC” prize gave-aways, like exotic trips or a life-time supply of Red bull. Next week they will be giving away, a $20 dinning credit, 20 free prints from Snapfish and a BOGO offer for a 3 Musketeers candy bar. If you have T-Mobile service I strongly recommend you download the app right now! This IS a T-Mobile customer exclusive perk, so if you aren’t #TeamMagenta, what are you waiting for? When was the last time your cell phone service provider gave you a free pizza or a discount on gas?!





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