Hey kids look a deer

Hey Griswald where are you gonna put a tree that size?  Bend over and I’ll show you.  This is a commonly heard at my family get togethers throughout the holidays.  Everyone has there favorite past times to fill their holiday break.  My family loves to wear pajamas make puzzles and belittle each other when you leave the room.  Families are never perfect and the holidays put a microscope on the weird idiosyncrasies that keep people apart throughout the rest of the year.  For many people the holidays are so stressful that they don’t feel the need to get together again until the following winter.  For those of you that think you have “NORMAL” families.   You are dead wrong.  There is no such thing.   Normal isn’t even a word that can be used the when talking about generational get-togethers.  I have learned different ways to get together with my family and focus on the good things that we can share without wanting to bury each other in the backyard.  Life has a funny way of creating opportunities you have a hard time over-looking when you are dealing with siblings or other family members. eddyI have to be super certain about the things I engage with people to talk about. I am not trying to start family drama or light a fire in the living room.  I love my family and enjoying spending time with them.  That being said I do go back into therapy every new year .  So Get you stuff together and get excited to see every family member give hugs and kisses then send post cards for the rest of the year.


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