My tips on Holiday Shopping

Buying presents during the holiday could be a hassle. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy a gift online to have them arrive after Christmas. Here are a few tips that I’ve tried during the holidays.

Make a list. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your phone or on the back of a receipt, have a list. Having a list is probably the best way to remember all the people you want to give a gift. Second have in mind what’s the best ideal gift for that person. On your list, you can either put some of their interests. or if you don’t know them as well, put their if their married, single, college, or even their age if their kids.

Second, look at ad apps like flipp or a store app to find specials. Apps like, flipp, Walmart, or even online shopping apps like Amazon have a feature that if a product that you’ve seen is on sale it will notify you if the price drops.

If you’re going out to the store, make sure you have plenty of time. Going out during the holidays is like going to a war zone. Prepare for; no parking, traffic, empty shelves, crowded stores/malls, and even weather conditions. Don’t rush, leave early. Try to avoid store three days before Christmas unless you really have to.

If your going online shopping there is a site called Camel Camel Camel dot com. Not his site you type in; for example iPhone X, it will compare prizes from every online store giving the top and cheapest option. It is a great tool shopping tool. if your buying on Amazon, make sure you buy gifts a week before. try to avoid buying exactly three days before Christmas even if you have Amazon Prime. this will reduce the chance of having your gift arrive after Christmas.

One last thing. Stocking stuffers are great. But try to avoid gift that is Christmas related or meant to be sold for Christmas. A gift like these is reduced in prize or even not returnable if you want to return or exchange them after Christmas. It’s happened to me. Don’t let it happen to you. Watch your money, know your budget.

Have a great Holiday season.


By Juan Jimenez



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