What you thought about artificial Christmas trees is probably wrong.

There is a huge misconception about buying artificial Christmas trees during the holidays – that artificial trees are better for the environment than real ones. However, that technically not true. Although artificial trees can last from 7-10 years, making it easy believe that buying one is better for the environment instead of purchasing a tree every year that is getting chopped down – however after you do decide to get a plastic upgrade, plastic trees are non-biodegradable, and end up sitting in our landfills.



Since many have tuned on this news, millennials are now the ones to blame as to why the price of real trees have spiked. Millennial tend – but not always- to be more of the eco conscious generation as compared to the baby boomers, and studies have shown that the supply for real Christmas trees have gone down, however the demand has risen, and thus the reason for the price jump. Now, this is not to say that the baby boomer generation is against the environment or even against buying real trees for the holidays. In fact, studies show that those who are over 65 seem to stop buying real trees after their kids reached adulthood. And now that those kids – belonging in the millennial generation- can get their own tree, they seem prefer real ones because of the reminiscence that brings them back to their childhood.

Whether or not you prefer real Christmas trees for environmental reasons or for that sweet nostalgia, or you want to go easy on the wallet and buy artificial trees for convenience, I suggest you check out Vox’s article to find information on when the best time to buy a tree for the cheapest price.


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