An Modern Christmas Album

tyler the creator_grinch

Tyler, the Creator’s alternative hip hop goes green.

During the winter season you can’t help but be bombarded by the same holiday music you’ve heard since your very first Christmas. Sure we’ve been blessed (or some may say not so blessed) by some updated versions of our favorite tunes from artists like Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber, but where is the new Christmas music?

Luckily, for all you scrooges who hate listening to the same Christmas music every year, hip hop artist Tyler, the Creator has created his own spin on holiday music that might I say, bumps hard.

Tyler, the Creator hasn’t always had the most positive relationship with Christmas. In 2011 Tyler was arrested at Odd Future’s Christmas show for destroying equipment. Not to say that he hated the holiday, but his songs titled “Fuck Santa” and “Fuck this Christmas” may lead us to believe just that.

And once again, Tyler, the Creator has surprised us all with a new 10-minute, six-track EP titled Music Inspired by Illumination of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. We also see his getting into the holiday spirit by contributing two new songs for the film’s original soundtrack.

The album isn’t your average over-the-top, cheesy Christmas album either. Tyler brings his classic alternative hip hop style to his holiday rendition with the style and beats you’d find on any other Tyler, the Creator produced albums.  On Tyler’s twitter he describes his goal for the album,

“making christmas themed music, but not making it too xmasy was the goal. wanted them to play in june too. keeping 7 year olds in mind but also wanting the parents to listen also. think i nailed it. yup.”

It’s safe to say that after listening to the album front to back at least 50 times, he nailed it. Yup.



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