Why do we Love Youtube?

For a lot of people my age, Youtube is the new binge site for video content. Users who post content regularly, have a large following, and make a living off of sharing videos on the site are called Youtubers (almost everyone should know the term by now). For me, what I enjoy about Youtube is the connection I feel as a consumer with Youtubers. What makes Youtube a more personal experience is the interaction with the audience. Fans can participate by connecting with these famous Youtubers on other social media platforms, and commenting on their videos. Another factor that makes Youtube a more personal content viewing experience compared to other content like Netflix and Movies is frequency. For example, when you go and see the next big Marvel movie in theatres that you’ve been waiting to see for months, you go, see the movie, have a good time, then you don’t give much thought to the lives of the actors an so on. With youtube, most of your favorite content creator post 1-7 times a week. This daily content keeps the user connected on a frequent basis making a more deep connection. This connection is what keeps users coming back for more every day, and this is why I love Youtube.


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