Applying Emotion to a Message


Messages are commonly misinterpreted in today’s world. It could be because of the exclamation marks that were added at the end, the capital letters, random symbols, several dots next to each other or just the wording of the message. This misinterpretation then leads to a big giant mess of unhappy people.  You go back and forth trying to explain yourself to the other person, but end up talking in circles because they are just upset. After finding myself in this situation a few times to many I found a simple solution, emojis. They are a quick, simple, and fast way to communicate. These symbols are universal information to all of us. We can understand the message in seconds. I type up my message and add the fitting emoji at the end of my message. I may or may not over use them, but they allow me to confirm my emotion to the person I am sending the message to without adding any of the unnecessary items. There is an emoji for practically every emotion that you could be feeling. Not only do emojis have emotion icons they offer a variety of different things ranging from flags, food, sports, locations, If you can name it there is probably an emoji for it.  I often times will find myself in a conversation that is strictly involving only emojis. I certainly would have a hard time giving up emojis.



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