Music Streaming.

As people, we love our music it’s true. It doesn’t leave our house because we have the ability to take it anywhere. With that it’s in our computer and primarily on our phones. These applications like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Pandora are some of the biggest ones in our social media world that we live in. Artist take part of interacting with their listeners so that people can feel more personal with an Artist. Artist also had the ability this year to recap there statistics in terms of listening hours, countries where they were listened and  how many people actually listened to them. These streaming services are super powerful. We can find and access the music that is on their application in a matter of seconds. This allows people to listen to all kind of music: Genres, artists, playlists and that accessibility is very impressive. We don’t think much of since there are so many of us that use this service for our listening needs. All four of these streaming services are available on the apple store and google play store. This however doesn’t mean they are all downloaded equally. Spotify has over 170 million active users and in that they have 75 million premium users that pay a monthly for ad free music as well a higher bit rate so the music sounds much clearer compared to the free basic users. Apple Music however does not have a free version, in order to use the app you would have to a pay for the monthly service and there are currently 36 million active users of apple music. As someone who has used both they both gear towards different users. Apple music is for those who know there music and will listen to only what they want. Spotify can be that way however the biggest difference is Spotify’s ability to recommend new music based on what you have been listening too. The algorithm that they have although I may not know how it works has allowed me to find some of my favorite artist of 2018 and with already a new artist find in 2019 named Blood Orange. Over all the streaming services we use have given us the ability to listen to music in a whole new without having to pay large amounts of money to collect all the music we listen too.   

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