Generation Like – An Insight Into The Future

Generation Like, it’s catchy. Yet it perfectly describes this new generation and how the like button holds so much power and potential. Even though kids might not realize it, when they like, or view content they are promoting and helping business. Even though it might not seem like it. PBS made a documentary about this, and how Generation Like is affecting the business and even our own personal sphere.

You can watch the video here at
for more insight into the matter.

This documentary was filmed in 2014, and in just the past 5 years we have seen Generation Like grow and grow to an obscene amount that it has so much control over our daily lives. There are more and more “social media influencers” these days. Basically all these people do is get paid to post companies products, and because they have so many followers, that product can reach thousands and even millions of people in just a matter of seconds. Often consumers, average people on these social media platforms, don’t realize what they are seeing and they don’t realize that the famous person they follow is promoting this certain product for their own benefit, whether or not that person actually uses it.

As the internet and social media become more advanced, Generation Like will keep growing. This website, shows how the social networking has changed, from entertainment to advertisements.

I think we need to become socially aware of what this means. And that most the things we see online, and on social media is business trying to get us to buy their stuff. It’s all advertisements. Yet they are clever enough to do it in a way where all you have to do is press the like button.

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