The New Flash Drive

The Google Drive is probably the best tool that was ever invented. Instead of having to carry a flash drive and risk losing all of your important files on it, Google Drive allows you to access your files on any device by simply logging in. It has been very useful for when I am at school, collaborating on a group presentation where we can all share and access a file we have created. It’s so quick and easy! I even use it when I am at work, where I can work on the same excel spreadsheet at the same time with my co-workers. They made it easy for teams to use by being able to access it from any device and where you can share, and it automatically saves. You can even share with people who don’t have Google Drive. It’s great because you can store anything on the Google Drive and you can reach your files anywhere on any device such as your smart phone, laptop, or tablet. It also offers flexible storage options for all types of businesses.  Another awesome feature that the Google Drive has is that if you have a paper document that you want saved, it can do that as well! By just taking a picture of the preferred document, it scans that image and saves it to the drive as PDF’s. Google Drive is used by millions of users every day, whether it is at home, work, or school. It’s easy to switch from one account to another, where people can move effortlessly between their work account and personal accounts while maintaining all the controls that keeps work files and any type of information safe. Definitely recommend using it!

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