Web 2.0 Helpful or Harmful

Discord Logo

One of the best luxuries Web 2.0 has to offer us today is that it has the ability to connect people from all over the world and have them be able to participate and interact with one another on similar interests. However, are kids getting a proper education on the risks this poses for them? An example of this is the service called ‘Discord’, the function for this app is to be able to connect gamers through, chat, video message and voice calls. You can get a ‘Discord’ server for just about anything, it’s not gamer exclusive; but do the children of today know when someone is an online predator instead of an online friend? On her search for her missing boy, one mother discovers an alleged sex trafficking ring where the predators groom their victims on services like ‘Discord’. Thomas Gossen with Louisiana Police Troop 1 says, “it’s important for parents to not only educate their kids about the danger but know their passwords so they can monitor them online, a lot of parents say ‘I don’t want to invade their kid’s privacy’, but if you don’t a predator will”. The investigators believe that the sex traffickers used ‘Discord’ to lure in the missing Louisiana boy by promising him a better life in Florida. State Police are urging parents to look out for some warning signs when a child uses an app. For more information about this go to the link here: “What is the “Discord” app?”


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