What is Twitch and why does Amazon care?


This article is explaining what Twitch is and why such large companies are looking to invest in the colossal phenomenon that streaming has become. For those who don’t know, Twitch is a streaming website like YouTube, but the big difference is that the games that you are watching are being played in real time and you can respond to the player directly through their chat room. This simple premise has built a whole new world within the internet space. Being able to respond immediately and be apart of the discussion has built whole communities around single streamers and this large amount of attention has caught the eye of much larger companies.

Twitch is wildly open in its generous availability in the space. There are specific gaming communities in which you could watch pro players and learn how to get better at a certain game. Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum there is the “Just Chatting” category which could be someone knitting while chatting all the way to an advice channel which solves problems on air.

The number of viewers on the site on average has rivaled some cable networks, in peak prime time hours Twitch beat out MTV in viewers with a staggering 567K viewers to MTV’s 560k. This means that they would profit heavily from the partnership, but there are some legal precedents that it might have to work out with developers first.

Twitch has ballooned in its size and the future of it is still to be unknown. But its impact is has shaped the internet landscape and is something to watch in the coming years.


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