Asana, a smarter “to do list” to keep you on track

When I first started my job as the video producer at an Industrial learning company I felt like I had full control of the management of my tasks without the need of an app to do it for me. I felt fully capable of policing myself and my workflow. Less than a month later I was buried in a seventy-page script I had to film within two months and that was just one project on my plate. As more video requests came pouring in from other content I found it was easy for it to get lost in the flood of constant work emails.

Thus entered Asana into my life to help manage workflow and communication between project managers and myself. Asana is an app that allows you to create a task that you receive notifications on any time someone comments on it or anything changes.

Above you can see an example of what this clean-cut task list looks like. There are even profile icons illustrating the owner of the task. It’s essentially a social platform specifically for work tasks within your organization. This app gives a very clear look at the work you have sorted by due dates which, can be very helpful when you have a large number of projects to keep track of.

I was admittedly hesitant at first. All this tracking and entering of tasks and messages in another system just felt like more work to me. Once I realized that I was doing all this work via email and tracking things in my head it became apparent how useful this tool could be.

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