Comedy Bang Bang (the podcast that’s much better than the TV show)

Scott Aukerman at Never Not Funny’s Pardcastathon 2014

You can subscribe to Comedy Bang Bang on iTunes:

This comedy podcast is an hour and a half improv show that pays the listener dividends via recurring characters and callbacks. The shows host, Scott Aukerman, (director/writer of Between two ferns), essentially plays a coy talk show host with an open door policy. Usually there will be some famous guest like Zach Galifinakis or some other known comedian that plays a straight man to whatever carousel of characters happens to come through the door that episode. The host and characters continually add to the ridiculousness of the episodes plot by yes anding each other to oblivion. It’s truly one of the best things in modern comedy.

You may or may not know of this podcast from it’s late IFC series counter part of the same name. I recommend not watching it if you haven’t and striking it from your memory if you have. The show’s format didn’t translate from radio very well. The jokes work so much better when you can’t see them because then the absurdity of the joke knows no bounds and must be responded to in real time.

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